Monday, March 9, 2015

Pretty Sparkly Things

At the tail end of  January, I added a few supplies to my shop to help empty out my bead containers and fill out my listings until I could get new styles photographed. It was supposed to be a quiet little experiment. Although I knew there was a market for supplies on Etsy, I was delighted when most of my little packets of old glass beads sold in less than a month!  So delighted, in fact, that vintage supply will now be a permanent feature in my shop, fitting right in with my quest to design lovely things with a mix of polymer clay and ecofriendly materials.

Why choose vintage supply?  For one thing, it's ready and waiting.  Whether they're resting in  a warehouse, your craft drawer or (in my case) the half of a rear addition not occupied by a music studio, those little pretty things deserve their day in the sun!  No one's tunneling through mountains or counting carbon emissions because it's already been done years ago. Keep those sparklies out of the landfill and use them for what they were intended.  Better late than never!

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